Healthcare & Medical Billing

IES provides services and solutions specifically designed for medical and dental practices and billing. Accept credit and debit cards, HSA and FSA cards, as well as all forms of check payment.

For payments made at the practice or hospital at the time service is received, we have a wide variety of equipment options available. Options include traditional credit card terminals, terminals and Point of Sale systems integrated with your management software, virtual terminals that operate independently or that will integrate with your management software, and custom solutions specifically designed for medical and dental offices.

For medical and dental billing offices we offer systems and services for 1st Party, 3rd Party, and Early Out programs. Our accounts and solutions allow you to take both one-time and recurring payment of all types through all payment channels.  You can process agent-assisted payments directly within your software with our seamless integration, or through our multi-functional virtual terminal.

Allow patients/payers to make payments from any device, anytime, anywhere. Debtor self-payments can be made through a web portal, through an automated negotiation and settlement solution, and through an IVR system. Our systems are designed to operate as an all-in-one platform that can expand and adapt along with your business.

Reduce paperwork and manual processes with our PCI and HIPPA Compliant solutions. Encrypted and tokenized data protects sensitive patient data.

Integrate with QuickBooks or other accounting software for easier bookkeeping

Cloud-based data storage reduces burden on your company servers and provides remote data access to an unlimited number of standard and customized reports.




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