IVR Payments

Our Interactive Voice Response (IVR) payment solutions allow payers to utilize an automated telephone payment system to make payments using their Credit/Debit Card, Checking Account, and Savings Accounts.

Features Include

  • Customers can make payments, check balances and manage accounts from a touchtone phone, with no internet connection needed.
  • Accounts can be accessed and payments made 24/7/365.
  • Users can call a toll-free number or one from your existing phone group.
  • Pre-recorded scripts and call flows, which can be customized, walk the user through the entire process
  • The process of validating account information and making payments is simple, and is done via touch-tone and/or voice activated prompts.
  • Reduced customer hold-times result in less customer frustration and improved customer service and relations
  • Reduce equipment, network, and programming costs.
  • No human interaction reduces employee and processing expenses, increases employee productivity, and reduces employee errors
  • Customized scripts provide flow and continuity
  • Call and system logic minimizes user errors
  • Our solutions are easily and rapidly deployed, have multiple integration options, and are scalable
  • Multiple languages are available
  • Customized scripts provide flow and continuity
  • We have the highest levels of security. Our IVR solutions are seamlessly integrated with our PCI Compliant gateways.
  • An unlimited number and variety of reports are available and easily accessible.




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