Innovative E-Pay Solutions, Inc. (IES) specializes in providing electronic payment processing accounts to the Collections Industry. 

While we offer all types of electronic payment accounts, including ACH/Check by Phone, Web Payments, and Remote Deposit, to all types of businesses, our specialty is Credit/Debit Card processing accounts for Collection Agencies.

Why Take Debit & Credit Cards as Payment?

  • Allow your collectors to take payment from debtors immediately, while they have them on the phone. Stop waiting until payday, or for the proverbial “check in the mail”.
  • Accept all major debit and credit cards as payment.  More payment options = more $.
  • Most payments are now made with a debit and credit cards.
  • Card payments are not subject to being NSF, as checks are. Your collector will know whether a transaction is good or not while they have the debtor on the phone.
  • Debtors are not as limited in how much they can pay, or when they can pay it.

  • Receive payments on time all the time with Automated Scheduled(Recurring) Payments.
  • Reduce delinquencies, get paid faster, handle more accounts, and increase overall efficiency. Once you have had a merchant account and enjoyed all the benefits of taking debit/credit cards as payment, you will never operate without one again.

Why Choose IES?

  • IES providers are members of the ACA, with many of our clients coming to us from the association.
  • IES providers have FDCPA Certified Agents available to work withour agency clients.
  • Collection agencies are generally at the very top of the prohibited or restricted lists for most banks and processors. However, IES management has years of success and experience in providing legitimate accounts to Collection Agencies, and has included among its clients some of the most recognizable companies in the industry.
  • IES does not take a “one size fits all” approach in providing accounts.We have multiple providers and options to choose from, which allows us to place you in the program that best fits your circumstances.
  • We can provide accounts to small start-up agencies, as well as to those that are large and well established.

  • We offer rates that are comparable to those paid by traditional retail-oriented businesses. If you are already taking cards as payment, we will lower your rates and save you thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars in processing costs.
  • IES offers multiple processing options. Run “live” transactions through your collections software from our fully integrated solution, or from our incredibly functional and easy-to-use Virtual Interface. You can also “batch upload” transactions from your software or from the Virtual Interface.
  • We also offer multiple options for “debtor-initiated” website payments. Options include a basic payments page on your website, online debtnegotiation, and even online debt negotiation with a lifelike “Avatar”Virtual Collector.

  • IES provides GROSS FUNDING on your activity, meaning that if youprocess $100 today, you receive $100 in your checking account atyour bank in 2 business days. All fees are handled in a single debit atthe beginning of the following month, making both daily and monthlyreconciliation much easier for your accounting team.
  • Have funds deposited to an unlimited number of depository accounts.
  • Have fees debited from one or multiple operations accounts
  • There is generally No Reserve Account Required, unless there areissues with credit or processing history.
  • We thoroughly train your personnel on how to properly runtransactions, and on what procedures to follow in order to minimizedisputes and chargebacks. We make sure that you know the rulesand the procedures to be followed, so that your account staysproblem‐free.
  • Once you have been trained and are fully operational, IES will thenmonitor your activity and provide your front‐end customer service andtechnical support in order to minimize problems and delays in service.

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