The great majority of service calls for plumbing, heating/air, tree service, roof repair, glass repair, etc are emergency calls. Your customer requires your services NOW, but does not always have the cash on hand, or the funds available, for these immediate repair needs.


Customers NEED and EXPECT to be able to pay you with their debit/credit card.

  • Keep up with your competition, most of whom are already taking cards. Don’t lose an existing or a potential customer to your competition because you can’t take their card as payment, and they can’t wait until payday for service.
  • By displaying the Visa/Mastercard logos on your storefront, company vehicle, business cards, and website you are adding legitimacy, especially to new and small businesses. Potential customers know you stand behind your work.
  • Customers spend more money when they use their credit cards. They are more likely to buy the higher quality product, service, or warranty that you suggest, and get more needed services done, when they pay with a card.
  • Taking fewer checks reduces your exposure to NSF’s.
  • Transactions are safe, fast, and easy.

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