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Company Overview

IES is a leading innovator in the payment processing industry. The IES philosophy of providing multiple services, and multiple providers for each service, is unique. That approach, combined with our ability to develop and customize each service offering, is unmatched by any other provider. Our overall experience, our excellent reputation, and the continued recognition that we receive within the payment processing industry, gives us and our clients access to the most recognized, respected, state of the art processing systems available in the market today.

IES is constantly sought after by Industry Leaders to partner in offering full service solutions that are designed specifically for our clientele. We have working relationships with numerous service providers, and we always have new potential partnerships on the horizon.  We work with any size business, accommodate multiple offices, and deposit to multiple depository/bank accounts. IES has yet to find any management application or solution that we are unable to work with in order to accommodate both the needs and requests of our clients.

About Us

Innovative E-Pay Solutions, Inc. (IES) is a nationwide leader in providing payments processing solutions. Based in Miramar Beach Florida, the company’s management has almost 40 years of combined experience in the payment processing industry. Having worked together for nearly 15 years, this powerhouse team brings a unique blend of complementary talents, skill sets, knowledge, and experience.

The Team at IES is made up of Customer Centric Specialists who are ready to assist you from the point of initial contact, through your first consultation, application, setup, and training. We then provide ‘best in the business” hands-on personalized customer service and support.  Our unmatched customer retention rates are a clear testament to the how well we service our customer accounts.

The IES program is unique because we offer individualized and customized payment processing tailored to your industry and client needs.  We are one of the few companies that provides you the option to accept essentially every payment type across every payment channel available in the marketplace today.  

Our approach, and our position as a merchant account provider and a services and solutions broker with multiple processors, gateways, systems, solutions, and technology partners ensures you are not subject to the one size fits all limitations and restrictions generally offered by our competitors.

IES understands that industry regulations, your needs, and the needs of your clients are ever changing. With that in mind, our approach ensures that we will not only meet your specific needs now, but will continue to do so in the future.

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