High Risk

Almost no banks that provide merchant services directly (WellsFargo, Chase, Bank of America, etc.) will approve an account for a merchant or for industries that have been labeled high risk. They will not approve an account for many industry types, or for business owners with credit issues, or merchants that have been terminated. The same thing applies for most of the large mainstream providers and processors.

With so few options to choose from, honest business owners, who are selling legitimate products and services, often have a very difficult time getting or keeping a merchant account. These merchants often find themselves signing up with the first provider that will accept them instead of looking for a reputable experienced provider that specializes in high-risk merchant accounts. This can lead to headaches down the road, with high-risk merchants being especially vulnerable to chargebacks, holds being placed on their funds, excessively high rates, or placement on the Terminated Merchants File/Match list.

Innovative E-Pay Solutions (IES) understands that different companies in different industries require a variety of different payment processing options. We work with a network of domestic and international partners, which gives us numerous solutions to choose from, and allows us to offer fair pricing and quality customer support. Working with nearly every type of high-risk business model, we know how to help your business get a secure and efficient solution. We have been serving both U.S. and international merchants with an emphasis on difficult-to-place merchant types since 1999.

If you have been terminated, recently declined, operate in an industry designated as high-risk, or have credit issues, let our High Risk Merchant Account Experts go to work getting a merchant account approved today that meets your business needs! We will take the time to get to know you and your business, and will get you processing quickly in the solution that is the best fit for your business!

Innovative E-Pay Solutions is a leading provider of high-risk merchant account solutions for a variety of business types. Our payment processing solutions can save your business thousands of dollars each month, get funds deposited quicker than other providers, and provide multi-currency processing.

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