VR Payments

IES has available the world’s first Virtual Reality payments platform!

It is designed to allow merchants to move consumers from a fully immersive 360 degree VR Environment into a virtual store designed to mimic the natural experience of being in an actual store to buy products, and to execute a secure, frictionless payment while in the VR experience without having to remove their headset. 

  • Users can rotate and enlarge items in the store.
  • The app securely confirms the purchase and then incorporates the user information held by Visa Checkout.
  • The app also includes a menu-driven checkout experience, which securely confirms the user’s purchase and incorporates the payment credentials and shipping details that were resident on the phone’s digital wallet. After successful processing of the payment transaction, an interface to the merchant’s fulfillment center is triggered with all the order details.
  • This product has been recognized as a revolutionary product at various Fintech conferences. 
  • The system is especially well suited to online gaming and entertainment, as well as for E-commerce.

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