Gift Cards & Loyalty Cards

Gift Cards are prepaid cards that are loaded with a specific amount that the cardholders can spend at the sponsoring retailer. They are the most popular selling single item for businesses, with over 80% of the top 100 retailers in the United States offering them.

  • Cards can be customized with your company logo, providing the look and feel similar to those of the large national chains, Whether you have a single location, are a multi-store operator, or a franchise, we have a gift card program style that will work for you.
  • Gift Cards are incredibly profitable because about 15% of all gift cards are never even redeemed, leaving the business with that much in additional pure profits, and for those that are redeemed, the users often don’t spend the entire amount, leaving the excess (called breakage) unused on the card.
  • Gift card users tend to spend more money. They buy more expensive items, often spending more than the amount available on the card by also using another form of payment to buy what they want.

Loyalty Cards provide rewards/incentives for customers to return and do business with you. You can use frequency based programs, dollar based programs, and points based programs to keep them coming back. Best of all, on average, returning customers spend 33% more than first time customers.

  • Our intelligent loyalty program system will provide you with detailed reporting that allows you to collect valuable demographic information, including age, location, email address; as well as the ability to design your own customized cards.

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