Convenience Fee/No Fee Program

The only 360 degree Fully Compliant program for ARM.

Adheres to all State and Federal Regulations, Card Association Rules and FDCPA Regulations.

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Eliminate Cost on All Eligible Compliant Transactions!

We provide a built-in logic to determine whether a convenience fee can be applied based on the residence State of the Consumer/Debtor, ensuring State compliance. Processes a single payment, which includes the principal amount and a flat amount for the convenience fee, to the Consumer’s/Debtor’s account. This ensures that Card Association compliance and ACH can be processed as two transactions.


  • Essentially eliminates the cost of accepting payments on all eligible compliant transactions.
  • Eliminates worries about lawsuits, fines, and merchant cancellation.
  • Accept Credit Cards & Debit Cards, HSA & FSA, and ACH Payments.
  • Options to integrate into Web Applications, Desktop Applications, Mobile, and IVR with full PCI Scope Reduction.

Did you know…?

Most convenience fee solutions can save you money, but they’re not fully compliant with the Major Card Brands and FDCPA.

IES stays aware of industry Compliance, Regulations and Best Practices such as:

We are long-time members of the ACA, we have FDCPA Certified Specialists, and our management team has the experience that comes with having provided accounts to over 600 Collection Agencies and Creditors Rights Attorneys. Therefore, you can feel confident that you are in good hands with IES as your payment solution provider.

Testimonials from Collection Industry Leaders

All with 10+ years working with IES Executives

Harry A. Strausser III

President, Interact Training & Development
President, MidAtlantic Collectors Association

“Jennifer Brummett is recognized as a knowledgeable and caring partner offering agencies solid program and choices. Gary Adams brings a level of expertise and clarity to what can be a confusing and misunderstood segment of the ARM space. Together they create a team that I trust and gladly recommend to my many friends and colleagues.”

Joseph Leventhal

Professional Collectors Corp.

“When Visa and Operation Chokepoint were trying to beat our industry into not taking card payments, Jennifer and her team not only reassured me I would be up and running in no time, they found me a workaround until I had a resolution. They quickly aligned themselves with a redundant system to ensure no Collector under their umbrella would be left out to dry.”

Dan Hornung

Bloodhound Software

“Our customers have been working with IES team members for years. It is always easy for me to provide a reference for IES because they value our mutual customers as much as we do.”

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