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QuickBooks Integration

QuickBooks is the most trusted and frequently used accounting software in the world. It allows users to quickly and easily record transactions, prepare tax documents, and track expenses.

Generally, merchants using QuickBooks for their accounting have had to enter payment data into the QuickBooks interface manually. IES utilizes processors and providers who have a feature that allows you to sync to QuickBooks, thereby making manual double-entries unnecessary.

Using the QuickBooks sync service you can link your credit card and check transaction processing to your QuickBooks accounting program and also pay invoices, generate sales receipts, apply open invoices, and synchronize transaction data – all without ever leaving the QuickBooks dashboard!

Your transactions are secure because sensitive cardholder data is never stored or processed on your computer Scheduled and recurring payments can be processed safely with our encrypted and tokenized processes.  Our solutions are compatible with QuickBooks Pro, QuickBooks Premier and QuickBooks Enterprise.

Reduce errors, save time and money, and increase your efficiency by importing your payment activity to your QuickBooks Software.

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