Virtual Debt Negotiation

  The fast-growing Debt Payment alternative

Cutting operational cost with increasing numbers of delinquent accounts is the challenge for businesses today.

Operations automation results in higher productivity, reliability, availability, and increased performance while reducing operating costs.


Your debt negotiation portal will do the “job” of your live agent.

Free up your Live Agents to target accounts with lower probability to self-cure, broken arrangements and other business needs or revenue generating opportunities. The willing payer, those able to “self-cure” will embrace the online self-pay option, which is especially ideal for 1st party and early stage delinquency, but effective across all segments of Accounts Receivables.

The Experience

Using their PC or Smartphone, the payer, debtor or delinquent account holder will be authenticated at sign in, utilizing parameters you choose such as a Social Security Number or Account Number.

In addition to viewing their bill(s), the payor will be able to review and acknowledge all terms, the compliance and consent language along with disclaimers and disclosures as determined and required by you. Automation of your Compliance alleviates the potential error by human.

Using the rules defined by your company, regulatory requirements or creditor terms the portal will accept or counter an offer by the payor until acceptable terms are met. Once an arrangement has been executed, you get paid.

System automation of letters confirming the terms along with subsequent correspondence such as payment receipts and reminders of upcoming payments can be sent via text or email.

Built-in features, technology, and algorithms work on your behalf toward securing the highest payment possible.

Making the most of your Virtual Collector Experience

Minimum payment rules and settlement parameters can be determined by:

  • Date of last payment
  • Age of account
  • Client or original credit granter
  • Account Balance
  • Analytics & Scoring
  • Contract Terms
  • Status of account
  • Client code

A monthly payment is different from a settlement.  Monthly payment, an agreed upon amount paid until the amount owed has been satisfied.  Settlement, typically a lump sum or balloon payments over a short period, allowing the debtor to settle the account for an amount less than the total balance.  Enable both options for the full self-service experience that ensures your payors have choices, thereby maximizing your overall return.

Use every communication channel to promote self-pay. Notify the payor of option to pay on their invoice or initial validation notice and be sure to include your dedicated web address for your payments. You want to ensure that the payment button is prominent for the payor to find and make a payment.

Assess the parameters, compliance language and settings within Your Virtual Collector, ensuring everything is current and up-to-date.

Get started.

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