Software Integration

For our Clients and Partners looking to integrate to one or more of our solutions or platforms, IES is Integration made simple.

There are a wide array of integration methods and API’s available. We consult with you to determine your business and customer needs, pain points, and goals, ensuring the best fit and solution for you.


Unable to process payments directly from your business management software? Not a problem. We will work with your vendor directly to provide a seamless experience. In the meantime, we have options to enhance your payment experience until the full integration is completed, tested, and live. Plus, if you make the introduction and serve as our beta, you’ll receive a referral fee.

Vendor Integration not an option? Not a problem.  We provide flexibility and options for data sync between your management software and our systems. Payments are updated within your management software via the method you prefer, whether it’s in real-time, at multiple intervals, or daily.

Does your management platform allow for data exports? Great!! We can integrate!

Software and Systems Application Providers

Innovative E-Pay Solutions, Inc. (IES) specializes in partnering with management software companies, providing seamless electronic payment processing solutions tailored for your system and solutions user.

Looking to enhance your User experience?

Streamline your User’s day to day processes?

Build your customer retention and brand loyalty?

Expand your core business model and generate an additional revenue stream by integrating your Software, SAAS, Cloud Service or Proprietary Technology and Partnering with IES.

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Development, API’s, Security, Compliance? Does the task seem daunting?

Not to worry, we’ve got you covered!

We will guide you through the process from A – Z, and introduce you to ways to reduce your PCI footprint, risk, expense, and more.

IES Developer Library

Well-documented, robust APIs provide flexible integration to one or more of our solutions, easily and quickly allowing you to stay focused on growing your business.

APIs include example code in multiple languages such as: SOAP, XML, PHP and more

Deploy your customized solution via a comprehensive testing environment

Already have a payment integration?  Minimal modification is required when utilizing an available emulator. However, we do encourage this only temporarily to ensure you and your customers recognize all the benefits our systems and solutions have to offer, without limitations now or in the future.  

Tokenization is available as a part of the integration methods offered and is highly encouraged. This is useful when a Software provider does not want to undertake the security requirements of storing card data.

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Tokenization = Data Security


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