Salaried Positions

(W2 Employment)

No open positions at this time, please check back with us.

Commissions Positions

(1099 Self-Employment)

  • Want to work for yourself?
  • Looking to take control of your earning potential?
  • Retired with too much time on your hands?
  • Full-Time Mom looking to make extra cash while the kids are in school.
  • Set your own schedule and determine how much or little you work each day/week?

At IES we’ve got you covered! We offer multiple roles and opportunities along with the ability to advance through the ranks at your pace, while increasing your revenue payout opportunities each step of the way and taking control of your earning potential.

  • New to sales?
  • Little experience with payments outside of the checkout line?  

No problem! IES is Merchant Account Sales Made Simple.

Take advantage of our training opportunities, set your pace and quickly grow from generating leads and sales apprenticeship. Our program offers corresponding and increasing revenue compensation structures along the way, to maximize your revenue potential as an Independent IES Sales Agent.

Get Started with just a PC with Internet Connection and Personal Drive for Success!

  • Lead Generation: Potential customer engagement, introducing IES Products and Solutions, Securing phone appointment with an IES Specialized agent.
  • Sales Apprentice: Bridge between Lead Generation and JR Sales Associate, foundational Sales Training Period
  • JR Sales Associate: Ability to advance prospective customer through the stages of the sales cycle with advisement and assistance at various stages.
  • Sales Agent: Able to facilitate majority of sales cycle through initial engagement, proposal and application process independently.

Get started.

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