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Chargebacks Modules

IES actively works with merchants to combat the threat and expense associated with chargebacks. We use a combination of unique pre and post chargeback practices, procedures, and products, along with utilization of our state of the art Fraud Module.

Chargeback Prevention Procedures

IES will identify trends and patterns relevant to your industry, and will educate you on strategies, Best Practices, processes, and prevention tools to prevent or minimize exposure to Chargebacks.

For businesses or industries with exposure to Chargebacks as a result of fraud, our best in the industry Fraud Module serves to mitigate that risk.


We insure that certain notices and disclosures are in place to discourage attempts to charge back transactions.

We employ unique identifiers that are reflected in the processing system so that the Streamer’s information will be shown on the Cardholder statement in a way that eliminates any confusion or uncertainty regarding transactions.

We will require payment information to aid with disputes in the event of a Chargeback attempt.


Our processor systems identify and blacklist cards and cardholders that have a history of charged-back transactions.

Our systems will identify chargebacks before they hit the merchant account. Utilizing these systems, our team will then work on your behalf with the card-issuing bank to expedite their review and prevent an actual chargeback from ever taking place.

We will continue to work actively with the card-issuing banks and with our Acquiring Bank and processors on your behalf.

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